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When To Install My Pond or Outdoor Living Area (Patio, Deck, etc) in Central (Lexington) KY

Sep 20, 2019 | 0 comments

Fall & Winter Pond or ​Outdoor Living Area (Patio, Deck, etc) Construction in Central (Lexington) KY

The question of when the best time is to install a pond, waterfall or outdoor Living project (Patio, Deck, Firepit, Outdoor Kitchen, etc) comes up every year as Fall approaches here in the Lexington / Central KY area. Quite honestly this question is a no brainer for me as a business owner. Many people are of the mindset that when it comes to a pond or outdoor living installation projects, that spring or summer are the ideal times of year to perform these improvements in the Lexington / Central KY area. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Fall & and even during mild winter weather conditions, can definitely be the perfect time to install a new pond, patio, deck or outdoor living area.​You see, any type of Pond, patio or Deck project that you take on is going to come with some amount of damage to your property. This is just the nature of outdoor living construction. Having your pond or outdoor living project installed in the late Fall or Winter is less invasive to you as a homeowner. Below are just a few benefits of having your pond or outdoor living project installed in the Fall & Winter that come to mind.

  • Less Impact on you and Your Family – In the Spring and Summer months most homeowners like to be outside enjoying their backyard. While most reputable contractors clean the jobsite up daily, it is still a worksite and dust, mud, materials, etc. are simply a part of the process. You are less apt to be outside during the Fall and Winter months, so your lifestyle is impacted less. This is especially true for families with small children and pets!
  • Landscape & Grass – In the Fall & Winter your grass and landscape are typically dormant so the damage will be less, and they will recover quickly in the Spring.
  • Scheduling– There is no denying that Spring is the most popular time of the year for new pond or outdoor living (patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, etc) construction in the Lexington / Central KY area. Therefore, our Spring / early Summer schedule fills up very quickly (often by the end of March). By having your project installed in the Fall/Winter you will be enjoying your new pond, patio, deck, etc while others are patiently waiting for our us to get to their project. Even If you do want to wait to Spring you can put down a minimal deposit to secure your place on our construction schedule come Spring.
  • Project Timelines – Spring rains can delay construction for weeks. Fall weather is dryer, cooler, and usually more predictable. On average, you lose fewer days to rain, and the ground is easier to work.
  • For Ponds & Water Features
    • Plants – Planting marginal (bog) plants in early fall allows them time to get rooted. During fall, plants focus their energy on root development rather than foliar (leaf) growth. When spring arrives they have enough stored energy for lush, healthy growth.
    • Landscaping – Perimeter landscaping is always best accomplished in fall. Plants get better established and will be more heat resistant by summer.
    • Ecosystem – Installing the pond in the fall enables the pond water to settle and mature. You should experience less of an algae problem, if any, as the pond reaches proper bacterial balance during cooler fall weather.

If you are considering a pond, outdoor living, patio, deck, outdoor kitchen or any outdoor project this Fall & Winter and live in the Lexington / Central Kentucky area. Fill out the form below and our designer will contact you to start the planning stages ASAP…

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