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Landscape Paths, Walkways & Natural Stone Steps

Serving Lexington & Central Kentucky

Getting There Is Half The Fun (Landscape Walkways) Sometimes getting there is half the fun. While having a destination is usually the idea, it doesn’t have to be the case. A path or walkway can be designed simply to add atmosphere, be a border for a flower bed or just for casual “meandering” path through your landscape. We can help you design the perfect walkway to best compliment your landscape and lifestyle. A  walkway or path featuring a thoughtfully designed mix of laying patterns creates visual interest, leading the way while captivating the senses. For extra impact, you can incorporate steps and terraces as eye-catching transitions along the route. If you own a home in the Lexington Kentucky-KY Area and have a yard, your outdoor space probably includes some sort of walkway or path — from front sidewalk to front door, around the side of the house, or out to the backyard. You can rely on a basic from-here-to-there walkway, or you can have us upgrade your walkway with a design that is beautiful and practical. The first step is to choose your material — one that complements your house and landscape design. The options are varied: brick, gravel, cut stone, or flagstone, for example.

Patio & Landscape Steps With Natural Stone Accents

Accent boulders can take a bland landscape and take it to a new level of natural beauty. One of the real advantages of using natural stone boulders in your landscape is that they offer the wondrous effect of revealing nature’s pure beauty. These large, stately landscaping stones can alter the appearance and feel of your Lexington / Central Kentucky property. And they can also lessen the need for as many plants while still providing a handsome appeal. Our stone experts can help you pick out the perfect step or tread to complete the look. 

Stone steps may have been the first ones made, starting when some early man put down rocks to help him climb a hill. Big slabs of limestone, sandstone or fieldstone can make rustic steps that are attractive and functional. 
Landscape & Garden Bridges Bridges are great for directing people to a specific point of interest, seating area, fire pits, pathways, or open grassy areas. Landscape & Garden Bridges are almost impossible to ignore in a landscape, they keeping calling to you to walk across to get to the other side. What you design for the other side of your bridge will determine how often the bridge will be used. Creating a “funnel” or pathway that leads to and from your bridge is key for optimum traversing.  Bridges come in all shapes, types, and sizes. The materials used to create your garden pond or landscape bridge will also determine the maintenance needed to keep it looking it’s best for years to come. Wood bridges will almost immediately need attention after the first year installed if it’s not painted. Clear wood finishes will need weatherproofing that needs to be applied without overspray or drips falling in your pond. These types of bridges will need to be easily removed and maintained and put back into place. Metal frame bridges with composite wood decking will last a long time as long as the metal is properly coated with paint or powder coating. You may may to occasionally power wash the decking surface to keep it from fading in the sunlight, or collecting moss or dirt stains. Natural stone or boulder crossings will obviously last the longest without much needed maintenance. The possibilities and length will obviously be determined the materials used and in what fashion they are installed.