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Pond Supplies Central Lexington KY

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Please note: We will be closed Saturday July, 2nd to Tuesday July, 5th 2022 for The Fourth of July

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From the instant you pull into our parking lot you will understand that we are not just another company selling pond products. We believe in and stand behind every product we sell. We have a working demonstration of most of the products we sell so that you do not have to visualize how that ecosystem pond or fountain will look in your backyard, you can see it in action. 

Our goal is to ensure that every customer that purchases a product from our Nicholasville Kentucky (KY) Pond Store has a complete understanding of how that product works and how to install & maintain that product. We are confident you will not find a more informational retail garden center in Kentucky that compares to our “Pond Store”.

Whether you’re just thinking about a pond, need Pond installation products or you’re an avid water gardener that needs water treatments for your water garden, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy water garden for years to come at our H2O Designs Pond Store.   We are the Largest Aquascape Retailer in Kentucky. We install, recommend & use Aquascape Brand Pond and Water Garden products. Aquascape Inc is the largest manufacturer of Pond and Water Garden products in the United States. Additionally they are the only manufacturer in the business that has an active construction and maintenance department that supplements their research and development efforts. We have the utmost confidence in Aquascape Inc and stand behind every product we sell.

Water Treatments / Pond Fish Care

Water treatments help our ponds and fountains stay healthy and clean all year long. There are many different brands and varieties of water treatments available. We have researched and tested most major brands and recommend Aquascape brand environmentally friendly water treatments for most applications. 
In addition to a diverse variety of Fish and Koi we have the most comprehensive selection of fish food and medications you will find in the area. We sell and promote Aquascape brand fish food. 

Installation / Maintenance Pond Supplies (Pumps, Nets, Filters, etc.)

For our Do It Yourself customers you will find our staff very helpful in assisting you with design and product selections. If you are needing some more detailed help You can schedule a design consultation / Pond Profile with one of our design specialists to discuss your project in detail for a nominal fee.

Pond Fish (KOI & Goldfish) “Food & Supplies

The truth is that any store can sell pond products. In fact any store can “Sell” Goldfish, KOI and other Pond Fish. However, it takes an exceptional amount of commitment and knowledge to successfully “Retail” Pond Fish. Every year we get several “Emergency” calls from panicked Lexington Kentucky (Ky) homeowners who start mysteriously loosing fish. Most of the time the cause can be traced to a parasite outbreak that came from purchasing a new pond fish from a retail store that quite simply did not know how to “Retail” pond fish. Now that is not to say that every store that sells fish does not know how to. However, it is important to know who you are purchasing fish from and more importantly who they are purchasing their fish from.

Aquatic (Pond) Plants, We Stock over 50 Varieties

Many retail stores in the Lexington Kentucky (Ky) Area sell Pond Plants. Even Lowes has a selection of Aquatic Plants in the spring. Selling Pond plants is similar in nature to selling Pond fish in that a knowledgeable staff and quality plants will make all the difference in the world to your pond. The difference that true Aquatic Retail centers offer to the customers is a much more diverse variety of water plants, knowledgeable staff to help customers choose the correct plant for their pond and quality plants that will thrive in our climate. Simply put, there is a right way and a wrong way to “Retail Aquatic Plants“. We invite you to compare our plants and customer service to our competitors and decide for yourself.