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Pond Algae Control

Pond String Algae & Green Pond Water Control Services
Understanding pond algae can be an ugly task to most Lexington /Central Kentucky (KY) pond owners. Finding a balanced growth of healthy pond algae is really quite easy once you have a general understanding of a few basic principles and water treatments. As long as you remember, “There is no such thing as an algae free pond”, you will have a better grasp on the subject.  Too much algae can impair the aesthetics of your backyard pond, deplete oxygen, and potentially harm your aquatic life. Discoloration of water may mean that the water quality of the pond is poor, but green water does not always mean unhealthy. Always test water parameters to see how far the water has cycled and choose the appropriate solution. To learn more about how to resolve Pond String Algae or Green Pond Water follow the links below. If you would like professional help with your algae problems contact us.


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Excessive string algae will reduce oxygen content, but doesn’t necessarily mean bad water. Believe it or not, it is a sign of beneficial water qualities. Anything over 3″ is considered bad algae, but under that length is acceptable since it contains a beneficial variety of carpet algae which is home to important macro organisms that fully promote a healthy water column.

If you are experiencing excessive String Algae and need help simply fill out the form to the left or contact us and we will help resolve your algae issues..

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