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Fall Pond Maintenance

Fall Pond Netting & Maintenance Services

Pond Plants Pruning for Fall

In the Fall your pond plants are thriving from their summer growth. However, soon the winter freezes will cause all that beautiful lush foliage to turn brown and ugly. If left unattended to this foliage will die and fall into the pond causing excessive mess and eventual cleanup in the Spring. Therefore, we recommend  pruning all pond plants to within 1 inch of the water surface. In the Lexington & Central Kentucky Area this process should be performed after the first frost or sometime in November.  

Pond Netting Services

Pond netting is sometimes needed when excessive leaves have the potential of making their way into the pond.
If your pond is in the direct vicinity of large trees then you will want to consider netting your pond. In the Lexington & Central Kentucky (KY) area this needs to be done before the first frost or usually sometime in October. Fall netting is an easy process.  A net is stretched across the pond and anchored with rocks and/or pins.  It is best not to have the net resting on the water surface since it will be difficult to remove with all the debris on it.  Once all the leaves have fallen then the net is removed for the winter.


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Fall Pond Cleaning

Some ponds accumulate sludge and debris more rapidly than others. You should already know that we recommend a Spring Pond Cleanout for all ponds. However, Depending on your pond environment and water quality sometimes a second Full or Partial pond clean out may be  required to keep your pond and fish safe and happy all Winter long.

Some factors that may cause your pond to be cleaned twice a year may be:

  • Excessive fish load – Most small ponds are over populated which causes excessive fish waste and debris in the pond
  • Over feeding fish – Who doesn’t do this? The fact is the more you feed your fish the more waste they produce.
  • Excessive Debris (Leaves, etc.)
  • Water runoff into your pond

If you need help determining if your pond needs a Fall Pond Clean out just give us a call and we will be happy to help you with making this decision.


  1. Drain pond down to six inches in depth.
  2. Remove fish and place in large containers with original pond water.
  3. Drain remainder of pond and power wash pond and stream/waterfall.
  4. Remove debris from the pond bottom.*.Clean all filter pads, lava rocks, biofalls, skimmer and pump as needed.
  5. Clean all light lenses and inspect for burned out bulbs.**
  6. Make necessary minor adjustments to rocks if needed.
  7. Fertilized all potted plants. ***
  8. Add dechlorinator if needed and start the pond filling.
  9. Re-introduce fish.

NOTES: *The majority of debris is to be removed.  If the pond is ‘sterilized’, by removing all living bacteria, etc., the established ecosystem will be destroyed. .  **All burned out underwater bulbs will be replaced at an additional fee.  ***Plants will be divided and repotted upon your request for an additional fee.


  1. Remove and clean all filter pads, lava rocks, and nets or baskets.
  2. The biofalls will be completely drained and vacuumed clean.
  3. Re-install all the above and restart the pond.
  4. We can install activated carbon and barley bails if you like, for an additional fee.

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