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H2O Designs Leak Repair Policy

While many leak issues in the Lexington / Central Kentucky area can be resolved with one visit by our service technicians, pond, waterfalls & fountain leak detection is not an exact science and can sometimes be very difficult to resolve. Therefore, H2O Designs Inc. DOES NOT GUARANTEE that our initial service call visits will be able to rectify all leak issues. The initial fee is designed to fix ”simple” leak issues such as low stream or pond liners, debris damming the stream, etc. Therefore, please note the following disclaimers.

  • There will be a $250 leak evaluation / possible repair fee that will cover the following services. This fee must be paid in advance before any service call visits are scheduled. This fee is non-refundable and is due regardless of whether the leak is repaired or not.
    • Initial service call visit to evaluate and possibly fix leak issues (Up to 1 Hour)
    • A second service call visit if needed to find additional issues and/or evaluate the issues (Up to 1 Hour)
    • Up to 1 liner patch if needed
    • If the leak cannot be identified or repaired within the allocated first 2 visits H2O Designs will present a leak resolution plan with associated costs to the homeowner for approval
  • What is not covered with the initial fee and will result in additional charges
    • Waterfalls Box or Skimmer issues such as screws replacement, unlevel boxes, etc.
    • Pump, Plumbing or Pipe issues
    • Draining of the pond/basin
    • Additional analysis/repair visits beyond the initial 2 visits
    • Multiple liner patches or repair beyond the initial 1 patch
    • Service call visits that last more than 1 hour. An hourly rate of $75/man hour (billed in ½ hour increments) will be applied for any service calls lasting longer than 1 hour
    • Any additional services that may be requested such as cleaning filters/algae, replacing lights, etc.

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