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What is an Outdoor Living area?

An Outdoor Living Area can be whatever the homeowner wants it to be, provided that the area is outside and that a good deal of family time is spent living in it. A couple of questions will help define what your Outdoor Living Area will be

  • What are your wants and needs?
  • How do you and your family like to spend your time out-of-doors?
  • Do you entertain guests often or is your outdoor time spent with family?
“Outdoor Living” Products & Services can encompass many things. For some families in the Lexington Kentucky area it can be as simple as a furnished patio and grilling area. For others it can be as sophisticated as a fully furnished Outdoor Kitchen & Outdoor Fireplace accented by a relaxing area including a swimming pool and lounge area with a well designed landscape and water garden to add ambiance. Cooking is an important element of most Outdoor Living areas and usually takes place at all hours from morning until midnight. Your Outdoor Kitchen area will likely incorporate a good barbeque Grill, a outdoor refrigerator to keep food and beverages cool and handy, and a counter area where friends can watch and keep you company while you prepare the food. All of these features should be arranged to form an efficient working triangle just as they are indoors. An area to sit, relax, read, converse and even watch TV if possible is a lovely addition to any outdoor living area. Comfortable chairs, couches, side tables, a glider or porch swing and even a daybed can make this area cozy and inviting. The goal here, ultimately, is to make the outdoor living area mirror the comfort and design of the indoors. In addition to eating, relaxing and entertaining outside, families with children usually like to be active; thus an outdoor living area can include a swimming pool and space for other activities. Also, Ample decking all around the pool is necessary for good traffic flow and for ease of cleaning and maintaining. A hot-tub spa or a sauna would be a pleasant addition as well, if for no other reason because they add a year-round drawing card to the patio. Additionally, if space allows you may want to set aside an area for playing catch with a baseball or football, for shooting pucks or practicing soccer kicks, or for pitching horseshoes, bocce, lawn bowling, whatever. Most yards can accommodate all, or at least some of these features to some degree; downsizing is preferable to omitting. The more options available, the more enjoyment can be taken. Finally, atmosphere and ambiance are vital to any outdoor living area; these elements can be created with a well designed water garden and complimentary landscaping. The goal here is to set the mood for whatever activities occur: pool parties, dinner parties, afternoon barbecues or quiet family time. The greatest compliment is to have guests comment that they feel as if they are visiting a resort. Having a clear theme in mind when designing the landscape and water garden is well advised. Some common themes include tropical paradise, desert oasis, north woods retreat, English country garden, Symmetrical Zen inspiration or an eclectic mix of garden features drawn from several themes. Many of our customers in the Central Kentucky area prefer the tropical theme but with a few elements drawn from the others for effect. If space permits, add a garden bench or seat wall along a walkway. Natural stone and rock add a natural appeal to the area and especially larger rocks and boulders are always eye-catching additions. In conclusion, the definition of an outdoor living area is simply that – a definition. Outdoor living areas reflect the personality and taste of the homeowner. It fulfills the wants and needs of your family and how you want to spend your time out of doors. if you live in Central Kentucky (Lexington-Louisville) or surounding areas Contact us Today so we can help you make your outdoor living area what you want it to be!!!