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Bubling Landscape Fountains

How to Build a Bubbling Landscape Fountain

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Our Difference

Our goal is to ensure that every customer that purchases a product from us has a complete understanding of how that product works and how to install & maintain that product. We are confident you will not find a more informative retail garden center in the Lexington Kentucky area that compares to our “Pond Store“. From the instant you pull into our parking lot you will understand that we are not just another company selling products. 

We believe in and stand behind every product we sell. We have a working demonstration of most of the products we sell so that you do not have to visualize how that Pond or fountain will look. You can see it in action. 

Add a Small Fountain

Got a spot in your Lexington Kentucky (KY) garden leaving you befuddled about what to put there? Maybe it’s a shady spot where grass struggles to grow. Perhaps the soil isn’t the best for nurturing healthy perennials and annuals. Or maybe you’re just interested in attracting a few more birds and butterflies to that location. Why not add a small Bubbling Landscape fountain to that odd spot of your garden?

It doesn’t matter if it’s shady or sunny, or whether the soil is acidic or not. A small Bubbling Fountain can be a great addition to your landscape … even if you already have a pond in your yard!

You might have an area between the front sidewalk and garage where you’d like to create something unique. Rather than opt for the standard evergreen shrub, tuck a bubbling urn in that cozy corner to welcome guests with the enchanted sound of water splashing playfully.

As you while away the hours on your front porch, you’ll enjoy birds bathing in the fountain and butterflies lighting gently to enjoy the water. Passersby will enjoy walking past your house to take in the sight of a fountain and will wish they had one of their own.

Or maybe you have a lackluster walkway alongside your house leading to the backyard. A melodic fountain would lend a surprising touch to this otherwise ho-hum strip of landscape.

Wherever you decide to plant your decorative water feature, be assured that small fountains are easy to install and don’t require an entire day of labor. Aquascape offers a variety of Mini AquaBasin Fountain Kits that retail for less than $140. You’ll be able to install this unique addition to your landscape in just a couple hours. 

Simply dig the hole for the underground reservoir, plug in the pump and connect the fountain, fill with water, cover the basin with decorative rock and gravel, then plug in your new water feature and you’re ready to relax and enjoy!

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